Why Us?

  1. Evidenced-based Treatment.

Our center will offer you a comfortable, safe environment, with access to medical professionals and experienced treatment counselors and most importantly a treatment that works.

We’ve been helping addicts and alcoholics recover for years. We have continued to succeed in helping people every year, because we know what works. Not only have we incorporated all the most effective treatment modalities necessary for successful addiction and alcoholism recovery, we have the necessary tools, and first-hand experience in recovery needed to professionally, and compassionately provide you a positive start.

  1. The Highest Level of Client Care in Addiction Treatment

We will provide you and your loved ones the opportunity to heal, grow, and feel whole again. Every one of our clients receives an opportunity to start a new life, and re‐invent themselves. You can have the same opportunity.

  1. Safe & Comfortable Medication Assisted Detox

24/7 Treatment Staff

Provides safety, medication support, client coverage.


Psychiatrist Evaluation

Medical evaluation within 24hrs to prescribe appropriate detox medication.


Medication Detox

Doctor prescribed “comfort medication” keeping you safe through detox & withdrawal period.


Substances We Treat

AlcoholHeroinOpiatesMethCocaineBenzos, Sedatives, Hallucinogens, Dissociatives, others.


Sub-acute Facility

Comfortable transition to clean living, free from hospitals.


Social Model Detox

Residential “clinically assisted” detoxification with staffed nurses and therapeutic involvement.



Clinician administered taper keeping you comfortable during the clinically-assisted detox process.


Evidence-Based Treatment

Zero-Theory. 100% Proven, data-driven treatment modalities that work.



24/7 clinical staff to monitor vitals and administer medications for total comfort during detox.


Residential Treatment

Sub-acute facility providing intensive treatment for severe addiction, alcoholism, and co-occuring psychiatric disorders.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Encourages clients to examine and improve thought and behavior patterns


REBT Behavior Therapy

Replace destructive thoughts/beliefs with healthier, adaptive thoughts. Incites emotional well-being and goal achievement.


Holistic Treatment

Addressing multiple levels of self-health: Mind, Body, Emotion, Spirit


Seeking Safety (Trauma Program)

Helps clients attain safety in thought, emotion, behavior, and relationships to counteract loss of ideals.


Dual Diagnosis

Simultaneously treating addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.


12-Step Model

Introduction to 12-step model of recovery, AA/NA meetings, and access to fellowship.


Relapse Prevention

Identifying triggers and warning signs to prevent relapse.


Life Skills Training

Instilling long-term success, with vocational support and goal setting.


Coping Skills Training

Clients develop the adaptive skills necessary to respond to any situation without self-destructing.


Family Therapy

Proven model for improving family dynamics, healthy detachment, domestic stability, and wholeness.



Accountability. Never alone; partner for life, new friends and sponsor.


Outcome Measurement

Client progress accountability through measured success and efficacy.

  1. Proven Treatment Modalities


Painless physical and cognitive stimulation


Fitness instructor

Mind/Body/Spirit exertion, vitalization, endorphin release.


Art Therapy

Introducing alternative coping methods, helping client experience and develop artistic skills.


Meditation/Mindfulness Training

Staying present, stilling your mind, becoming more adaptable under stress.

  1. Holistic Healing & Alternative Treatment Activities
  1. Comfortable and Spacious Residential center

Therapeutic Environment

Serene, peaceful environment


Karen Weather

Warm, sunny, leafy suburbs.


Luxurious Interior Rooms

Relaxing, inspiring, and spacious inside environment.


Upgraded Modern Appliances

Fully functional and upgraded standard of living


Nutritious Food & Meal Preparation

Meals, snacks, and balanced nutrition always available.


Clean & Pristine Bathrooms

Clean, private, rejuvenating restrooms.


Secure Access

Safe environment for authorized clients, staff, and approved guests.

  1. Aftercare Planning

Outpatient Treatment (OP)

Non-residential aftercare treatment with transitional program schedule.


Mentor & Sponsorship Support

Connect & establish relationships with mentors and role models for life.


Aftercare Planning

Thorough transitional planning and guidance so no lifestyle and relationship mistakes are made.


Certified Counselors

No second-guessing, trained and certified leadership.


Addiction Specialists

Specialized care from people with first-hand experience with addiction and successful recovery.


Staff/Client Ratio

High-touch, excellence in care. Always there to help; nobody gets unnoticed.

  1. Compassionate & Experienced Clinical Team

Treatment Admissions


Asking for help is not always easy, but it’s essential to begin a life of sobriety. Our caring staff here at The Optimum Center will welcome you with open arms, and without judgment. Entering treatment is a life-changing and life-saving decision. Here are the easy steps to become part of our family. 

Step 1: Call Us

First, you’ll need to contact The Optimum Center. Our compassionate admissions staff members are experts in recovery. They will assess you (or your loved one) to develop an in-depth understanding of your situation, needs, and next steps.



Step 2: We’ll make a Plan

When you come to The Optimum Center, there won’t be any surprises. We walk you through everything: Charges, what to pack, and what to expect when you arrive. We’ll even help you to make travel arrangements if you’re joining us from out of the city or country.

Step 3: Arrive at the Optimum Center

Our staff is happy to collect you if needed. When you arrive, you’ll be in good hands. Our team members will help you to settle in.


If you are struggling with addiction and mental health disorders, it’s never too late to ask for help. Our caring staff members understand the many faces of addiction and mental health disorders. All of us have had our lives touched by substance abuse – we know what you’re going through. Begin your journey of sobriety with us. Your call is 100% confidential, and you can always reach our team (not a call center) 24 hours a day.