The Team


Managing Director

I am a psychological/ addictions counselor with a background in addiction counseling, family therapy, group and one on one counseling. I am experienced in working as a counselor with individuals and groups for the last 10 years. I am a Support for addictions prevention and treatment in Africa (S.A.P.T.A) alumni. I am also experienced in working with mental health issues such as addiction, mental/psychiatric disorders, adolescent issues and stress management among others. I also do psycho-social assessments and help individuals to deal with their day to day issues to ensure general psychological/emotional well-being.

Executive Director

I am a passionate and dedicated physician assistant with 5 years’ experience aiming to use my strength and abilities to support the mission and goal of The Optimum Center. Bringing forth expertise in working with underserved communities who have medical, substance use disorders and psychiatric complexities. Highly experienced and value collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

Company Director

I have been leading a team of nurses, medical assistants and health outreach workers as we deliver holistic care at home preventing re̵‑hospitalization. I collaborate with a behavioral team, supporting patients with substance disorders, mental health disorders and low social determinants of health at commonwealth care alliance. I possess a degree in social sciences and a master’s in physician studies from Salus University in Philadelphia.

Finance Director

I am a highly qualified accountant and financial executive with more than 15 years of progressive career especially in finance and operations management ranging from newly formed to well-established   organizations. Over the years I have   Demonstrated ability in Business Planning & Analysis, Budgeting, Ad hoc Analysis, P&L Management, and Investor Relations. I have an oasis of In-depth knowledge and skills in conceptualizing and implementing financial policies and procedures including working capital management, internal financial controls, and project financing and costing. I have proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth & maximize profits through contributions in financial management, cost reductions & productivity improvements. At the Optimum Center of specialized treatment, I am Adept in providing leadership and direction in continuously improving business performance in a sustainable way and developing strategy, approach, content and structure. I  Possess excellent interpersonal skills and capable of resolving multiple & complex issues coupled with motivating junior subordinates to peak performance

Client Support Team

Consultant Psychologist

I am a Consulting Psychologist in private practice. My expertise is within family and corporate mental health. Over the years, my work in mental health has allowed me a unique opportunity in successfully supporting clients in recovery from the diverse presentation of psychiatric conditions with varying symptom severity. Working with clients from the developed world while living in the developing world has allowed me great insights into multicultural aspects of mental health. I have taken great pride within my work, in creating systems that are internationally viable, culturally sensitive and that meet the unique needs of each client. I hold a MA in Counseling Psychology from the United States International University (USIU Africa) and a BA in Social Work from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).  I am a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS U.K.) Reg. No. 332372, the American Psychological Association (APA) Reg. No. 00196504 and the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Society (KCPA) Reg. No. KCPA/3306/15 On Expedition Discovery, I lead a multi-talented team of counselors who put their combined expertise and experience to assist you on your individual journey of discovery. I have every confidence in their capacity to provide you with the best possible care while you journey with us.


I am a Board-certified Psychiatrist with 7+ years of extensive experience in the healthcare care industry and a great understanding of healthcare delivery systems. Am an adept communicator able to engage with patients and effectively partner with other team members within complex organizational structures. I have experience in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders across different age groups; In-depth knowledge of the various treatment modalities and therapies used to aid the patients’ recoveries; outstanding ability to zero in on a patient’s mental health disorder with unfailing accuracy.

Recognized as a high caliber team player and leader with demonstrated expertise in providing emotional support to patients and family members, utilizing logic and reasoning to make potentially life-saving or life-changing decisions. I possess an astute ability to read nonverbal cues to better understand patients’ emotions and an unmatched work ethic and a collaborative work style in detailed business practices.