Family Support Program

We believe that drug and alcohol addiction affects families as a whole.  Successful healing and recovery requires more than just treatment and education for the addicted individual.  Research and experience tell us that family involvement in recovery is imperative to understand the complexities of addiction. Our intensive Family Program focuses on educating, empowering and supporting families who want to be best prepared to help their loved one be successful in their recovery. Our approach to recovery is action and solution-oriented.


Families come to us wanting to know how they can “fix” their loved one.  Families need to realize that while they are powerless over their loved one’s substance abuse and behavior and cannot change it, they can change themselves.  We encourage family members to find a solution for themselves and begin their own recovery.  By taking care of ‘themselves’ they become the best aid in the recovery of both their loved ones and themselves. There are times when the addicted person refuses to participate in any treatment program.  Even in this situation, families are encouraged to attend our Family Program to embrace their own healing and recovery needs.  Sometimes the family might even seek help first, and for their loved one to follow.

When addiction is involved, it becomes impossible to maintain a healthy, functioning family system.  Family members are affected physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  As the disease progresses, many family members become so focused on their loved one that they lose the ability to take care of themselves.

Physically, you may suffer from stress-related illnesses.  You may not be eating well, sleeping well or exercising. Mentally, you can become obsessed, preoccupied and forgetful.  You may have a hard time concentrating because of worrying or racing thoughts.  You can also develop mental defenses similar to the addict or alcoholic, such as denial and minimization.

Emotionally, you may be anxious, fearful, depressed, lonely, angry and overwhelmed, but the common way for dealing with these feelings is to bury them.  Burying feelings can result in physical problems and overreacting to minor incidents because of a buildup of unresolved tension. Socially, you might withdraw and become isolated, ceasing to participate in activities and hobbies that were once enjoyable.  You can become disconnected from yourself, others and life. Spiritually, you might find yourself violating your values to protect the addict or alcoholic and over time begin to lose faith, hope and a purpose for living.

The goals of our Family Program are to:

  • Learn about addiction as a disease concept
  • Identify family roles in addiction
  • Recognize and prevent enabling addictive behaviors
  • Move past denial, shame, guilt and fear
  • Define and conceptualize codependence
  • Practice healthy methods of conflict resolution
  • Establish healthy boundary systems
  • Create a relapse prevention plan
  • Practice Al-Anon recovery principles
  • Promote ongoing recovery and healing

The format of our program consists of multiple families in a group setting.  This type of group allows participants to be able to share openly with each other without the typical emotional reactions and conflict which often occur within a chemically dependent family system.  As a result, participants are able to gain deeper awareness and understanding of each other.  Each participant shares at the level he or she feels comfortable.  By sharing their feelings and experiences, participants form meaningful connections with one another and begin to realize they are not alone.

Family members receive information about the process of recovery embodied in the 12 Steps of Al-Anon.  As a way to prepare for the Family Program, we encourage you to attend Al-Anon meetings and learn how those steps provide a path for personal recovery.  At these meetings, members share their experience, strength and hope with others who have similar difficulties.  Support and often-times lifelong friendships are forged during these critical passages in a family’s struggle with addiction.

We realize the road to recovery is fragile, but with support, patience and an open heart, great strides can be made in a short period of time.  We invite you to visit our facility, feel the serene and friendly environment, and get to know our staff and treatment plans available.  We are here to help you.

our program is extended to anyone who has a loved one in active addiction or recovery.  Having a loved one in treatment at The Optimum Center is a requirement for participation.  Our program is best suited to persons aged 18 years and older, including but not limited to a spouse, partner, parents, children, siblings, other relatives and close friends.

Our Family Program is offered once a month.  The program begins at 10:30 am and concludes at 12:30pm on Saturday.  Families are expected to attend all sessions.

In the twelve step programs, anonymity means preserving the confidentiality of a person’s identity in the program. Who you see and what is said is of a personal nature and is information that is not to be revealed to anyone.  An atmosphere of trust is crucial to allow participants to begin to open up and gain the emotional support of their peers.  If you learn something that is going to enhance your living, we encourage you to share this information with others.